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19 June 2021 - Stars in Toledo

Tales from the studio

‘If you want a omlet you have to break a few eggs' or 'if it was easy everyone would do it'.

You can pick your quote on how the recording session went on Stars in Toledo's follow to their debut but I think both are applicable. One thing is certain is that the guys are grateful to Luke DeJaynes for packing his gear and bringing it all the way from Tennesse to his Dad's defunct studio across the river in Gladstone. It would have been very tough to get everyone out to his studio. It all came together hitting those bumps along the way and a lot of people have said this is a stronger album than the first. We'll let the listeners be the judge, so be on the lookout on June 24th when the first single comes out on Spotify.

The guys listening to Darryl lay down his bass on Sledgehammer