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The History

Who are Stars in Toledo? Well in short five guys who love music and didn't want to re-invent the wheel.

About Stars in Toledo

Open up the hood, kick the tires, see what makes this band run...

When you grow up influenced by the late 70's early 80's you probably won't be writing synth-pop radio-friendly tunes. The guys in Stars wanted to keep their hard-rockin' roots but stray away from songs beholden to their libido and crotch. "Not that there's anything wrong with that." Lyrically they wanted to tell some stories, paint some pictures. Musically they get to some straight-ahead rock songs occasionally leaving the path into the realm of prog/math rock for those with pocket protectors.

We'll let you be the judge, come see us and rock for yourself!


Our dates, tour dates, come out and see us, we'd damn sure love to see ya!

.Date Venue Location Ticket
.August 20th Hollowfest Sperry IA FREE
.August 4th Riverfest Quincy ILL Tickets
.July 30th The Gas Lamp Des Moines IA Tickets
.July 24th The Wildwood Iowa City IA Tickets
.June 4th Wake and Bake Burlington IA FREE
.May 27th The Gas Lamp Des Moines IA Door Cover
.August 8th RIVERFEST 2021 Ft. Madison IA Tickets
.Sept. 4th RAND PARK Keokuk IA FREE
.Sept. 17TH FRIDAY FEST Burlington IA FREE
.Oct. 19th THE WASHINGTON Burlington IA Door Cover
.August 2nd RIVERFEST 2020 Ft. Madison IA Tickets
.June 1st Gabe's Iowa City IA Tickets
.Nov. 10th THE WASHINGTON Burlington IA Door Cover
.June 16th Steamboat Days Burlington IA Tickets


All albums released between 2018 and 2022


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Stars in Toledo - Sledgehammer

We've been feeding the rhythm

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Stars in Toledo - Ascendance

Brand new, hot off the presses!

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